coolma19 (coolma19) wrote in crossmenstaff,

Free Day mixed with a little Laundry! :)

On Monday the members had a free day at the River Walk in San Antonio.  It was funny because the Corps is use to having buses and this time we had to charter a bus...notice I said a bus!  LOL :)  We shuttled the members back and forth...they all had a great time.  It gave them the boost of energy they needed.  

Now we have the hornline doing laundry this morning the percussion will go next and the guard will go last.  They were starting to stink!  

As a first year staff member of the Crossmen I am really excited about the upcoming History Night.  It will be great to learn about the Crossmen past and to learn more about the history of the Corps.  It shall be an exciting weekend!  


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