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Interesting Thus far.....Who am I?

Ok, so I have been reading my post over and over just because I like to know that it is ok .  However, I forgot to introduce myself....LOL!! :) Sorry about that. 

My name is Ronald McAdams and I am one of the Tour Assistants for the 2007 Crossmen.  

So I finally got the RV cleaned took forever because I had to take a member to the hospital for heat exhaustion...who would have thought you could get something like that in Texas?  J/K -  N*E*Ways...on the way to the hospital she threw up in the van...luckily someone left their trash in there and I was able to give her something to use.  Things are progressing alot here during Spring Training...but I have to admit that it is a lot of work.  

I really can not think of anything else to say.....but I will write more tomorrow.  

Until then.........

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