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Webmoirs....stuff...and History Night!!!

Hope everyone is doing fine!  The corps is doing fine and everyone is excited the we only have 1 week left of Spring Training.  They have about 75% of the show on the field!!!!  It is amazing to watch and it never gets I am at full ensemble every opportunity I have.  Yesterday the brass line put the ballad on the field and it is going to be AWESOME!!!!  It gave me the goose bump.

I have to apologize to everyone cause the members and other staff have not had time to set-up their webmoirs.  It's really difficult attempting to get 135 members plus staff to post on ONE computer.  Hopefully this will get better and I will have at least one from every section post.  So please hang with us and we continue to get this webmoir up and running.  

So today is history night and everyone and their mother is flying in.....I have non-stop airport pick ups.  I feel like I am running a shuttle bus back and forth....LOL :).  But it is all good....I welcome the alumni, volunteers and parents to come out and watch the corps and learn something new about the History of the Crossmen. 

On a side note....the corps is continually getting stronger as the season our Trainer has nothing to do....LOL.....jk

Take Care,
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