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Crossmen Staff Blog

Saturday, June 9, 2007

9:17AM - Webmoirs....stuff...and History Night!!!

Hope everyone is doing fine!  The corps is doing fine and everyone is excited the we only have 1 week left of Spring Training.  They have about 75% of the show on the field!!!!  It is amazing to watch and it never gets boring....so I am at full ensemble every opportunity I have.  Yesterday the brass line put the ballad on the field and it is going to be AWESOME!!!!  It gave me the goose bump.

I have to apologize to everyone cause the members and other staff have not had time to set-up their webmoirs.  It's really difficult attempting to get 135 members plus staff to post on ONE computer.  Hopefully this will get better and I will have at least one from every section post.  So please hang with us and we continue to get this webmoir up and running.  

So today is history night and everyone and their mother is flying in.....I have non-stop airport pick ups.  I feel like I am running a shuttle bus back and forth....LOL :).  But it is all good....I welcome the alumni, volunteers and parents to come out and watch the corps and learn something new about the History of the Crossmen. 

On a side note....the corps is continually getting stronger as the season progresses....so our Trainer has nothing to do....LOL.....jk

Take Care,

Thursday, June 7, 2007

8:54AM - Free Day mixed with a little Laundry! :)

On Monday the members had a free day at the River Walk in San Antonio.  It was funny because the Corps is use to having buses and this time we had to charter a bus...notice I said a bus!  LOL :)  We shuttled the members back and forth...they all had a great time.  It gave them the boost of energy they needed.  

Now we have the hornline doing laundry this morning the percussion will go next and the guard will go last.  They were starting to stink!  

As a first year staff member of the Crossmen I am really excited about the upcoming History Night.  It will be great to learn about the Crossmen past and to learn more about the history of the Corps.  It shall be an exciting weekend!  


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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

12:50PM - Interesting Thus far.....Who am I?

Ok, so I have been reading my post over and over just because I like to know that it is ok .  However, I forgot to introduce myself....LOL!! :) Sorry about that. 

My name is Ronald McAdams and I am one of the Tour Assistants for the 2007 Crossmen.  

So I finally got the RV cleaned out..it took forever because I had to take a member to the hospital for heat exhaustion...who would have thought you could get something like that in Texas?  J/K -  N*E*Ways...on the way to the hospital she threw up in the van...luckily someone left their trash in there and I was able to give her something to use.  Things are progressing alot here during Spring Training...but I have to admit that it is a lot of work.  

I really can not think of anything else to say.....but I will write more tomorrow.  

Until then.........

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

8:39AM - Spring Cleaning.....what?!?

Good Morning, 

OK!  So I am new to this whole blogging experience and this shall be very interesting.  So I just got up about 6:45 because I had to take one of the volunteers to the Airport this morning.  That was fun and because we are only 7 mintues away I was back before the members were up.  

Today is going to be a busy day for me...yah!! :) We went and pickup the RV yesterday...there were spiders and there was even a bee inside...I was freaked....I hate bees...they hurt when they sting, so I had to do what I had to do....I sent my new friend to bee heaven.  :)  It was about a 20 minute drive back to the facility and I admit that I was nervous driving the RV for the first time.  I made it back safely, but there was this cop who was following me for a while. <Side note>  I have only been pulled over once in my life and that was because my friend car did not have a front licenses plate....and he did not even keep his insurance in his car...I was upset!! :) <End Side Note> So I was praying that he would not pull me over because I did notice that the tags on the RV were expired!!!  Do not worry we have the registration and inspection tags in the office, so it is been taking care of.  We now have to clean out the RV and there is still stuff from last season lying around.....yeah it's like that.  Looking forward to that job...... Well I have to run...have to talk to the members doing "The Day" meeting.  


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